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2018 Christmas Party - Saturday 8th December

The now (in)famous Whitton Tennis Club Christmas Party has been arranged for Saturday the 8th of December 2018, 7:30pm til late @ our clubhouse !  
There will be drinks on arrival, a full sit down meal (including Table Wine), followed by the usual fun and games, including a raffle.
All for the very reasonable sum of £20.00 per head !

Please put the date in your diary, and if you want to book a place, please put your name/s up on the list held on the Clubhouse Noticeboard. Spaces are limited and this event is fully booked every year, so hurry !

Warm Regards,
Mike Barnes
Chairman, Whitton Tennis Club. 

p.s. Any donations to the raffle would be really appreciated. Dave Winn has very kindly agreed to coordinate this..... All money raised from the Raffle is going towards our floodlight fund... 

Whitton Tennis Club Christmas Party - Snowman

2018 Club Championship 

It's that time of year again when we hold our annual Club Championships !

Here's what you need to know:

1. There will be entries for men's and ladies' singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.
2. Each entry will be £4,, e.g. if you play men's singles and mixed doubles, it's £8.
3. Please pay into the club's account (same as membership) - BEFORE the draw.
4. The deadline for entries will be Monday 4 June, we will do the draw shortly after that point.
5. Final's day will be Saturday 8th September.
6. In case it washes out (let's hope it doesn't!) it will be Sunday 9 September.

Please contact Owen Davis for any questions.

Sunday 29th April 10:30 - Wimbledon Ballot Draw

Dear all,

Please note that we will be making this years Wimbledon Ballot on Sunday 29th April @10:30 am at Whitton Tennis Club.

This year The Club has been allocated 7 pairs of tickets, including a pair of tickets for the Mens Final. 

It is important to note that in order to be eligible for the draw, you needed to have opted into the ballot for 2108, and additionally you must have made your full membership payment for the 2018/19 season.  Therefore, if you have not renewed your membership already, I would encourage you to do so as soon as possible so as to have the opportunity to participate in this years ticket draw.

All the very best of luck.

Mike Barnes
Chairman, Whitton Tennis Club

Sat 14th April 10AM - Spring Clean-up

Dear members, this is an important date for your diary.  Please please make every effort to come down to the club for a couple of hours, helping to tidy-up and carry out some minor maintenance tasks.  We are a community based club run on a not for profit basis.  There are no employees or tradesmen that maintain our club and therefore your support with just a few hours of your time makes a significant difference to the condition of our courts and clubhouse.

We are also planning to hold our Saturday Social Tennis session immediately after the tidy-up. This is a great opportunity to renew friendships and warm-up for the season ahead.  Many thanks, Mike Barnes

2018 Club AGM

Tuesday 27th April was the Clubs Annual General Meeting.  Sadly the number of members attending was significantly down from previous years.  That said, there was fantastic support for the committees work.  Below is a write-up of the Committee Reports and the Minutes of the AGM will also be included on this page shortly.

Whitton Tennis Club AGM - Committee Reports

Chairman’s Report

Mike Barnes

Dear Members

It has been a period of consolidation for the Tennis Club. After several years, we now have a set of three, magnificent, good quality courts, all with brand new nets, and industrial standard court cleaning equipment, all of which which paves the way for a bright future for our Club.

Having gained planning permission for our first set of Floodlights we are now working hard to test the feasibility of having a second court floodlit by 2019.

The current floodlights have extended use of the courts throughout the winter months, and opened up some brand new opportunities for play and coaching time.

However, there are still many times when the lights are not being fully utilised. So we are currently exploring other options, and incentives to encourage increase of the floodlight usage, whilst maintaining their financial sustainability.

The Club remains financially secure, with a strong and loyal core membership. We continue to support coaching sessions and general play throughout the week, and have developed good links with nearby schools, which will benefit us over the coming summer months, bringing on board new local young players.

Last summer Simon ran Junior Summer Tennis Camps and these were a great success. We look forward to these becoming a regular feature to school holiday life at the Club.

Special thanks to Simon and Louise for all of their efforts made on membership numbers. We all appreciate that this doesn’t happen without a huge amount of work! We will update you on specifics in a moment but we have had a reduction in our Senior Membership which is something that needs addressing.

As Committee and Club Members, we now need to take steps to ensure people in the wider neighbourhood are aware of what is on offer here right on their doorstep and be active in encouraging them to join in.

Now we have the tools in place, we need to make concerted efforts to do this, including tapping into other clubs in Whitton, to see if there can be any cross fertilisation.

Our teams of men and women were playing in the Summer and Winter Leagues and both holding their own.

We are now operating a squad system across all the teams, which is having a great effect in encouraging anyone interested in playing competitive tennis, to put their name forward, thus making team selection not seen as exclusive.

The Ladies team especially are actively looking for more players, so if anyone knows of anybody, please let me know.

On the social front, we had a fantastic Christmas Party, and I know members and guests came away thinking they had had a great time and that it was excellent value. Thank you to everyone involved.

Personally I am very aware that other than Finals day and the Christmas party intermittent smaller social events are not taking place. With the club at its current size, I am not sure there is sufficient interest generally. However we did this year have a joint men’s first and second squad curry which was a very enjoyable evening at Jolly’s.

It may be that this continues to be the case this coming year, however one member has already come forward suggesting that we might want to make one Wednesday in the month a special Social evening which might include a local curry afterwards.

It is these types of ideas and general desire from our membership to want more from their club is the key to introducing fresh ideas.

This year has also been marked by the sad loss of John Swoop, husband of Sheana. John was a massive supporter of the club, never failing to turn up on club clean-up days, or man the BBQ during Finals day. Whitton Tennis Club owes John a huge debt of thanks for his support and friendship; we will all miss him very much.

Last year the Committee had a real boost with the joining of Dave and Owen. Both have added new ideas and new energy to how things work on the Committee and within the Club generally.

In the coming year, there will be a grand total of 8 Committee members, comprising 4 men and 4 women which is fantastic. We do however wish to look to increase this number even further. Our current gap is for a Welfare Officer, an important role that supports wellbeing for everyone at the club.

As I said before, the Club is in a great place. So thank you to the Committee for supporting me, and thank you to all of you for your continued support.....2018/19!

Treasurers Report

Sheana (Presented by Mike)

2017/2018 Financial Accounts are available to all to view.

In summary


Total income


Total Expenditure

2018 - £11,700 2017 - £12,400


We had the courts painted at the beginning of 2017 at a cost of £5,220. This decreased our court sinking fund provision and increased our accumulated funds to £39,400.

We spent on the car park lines £1,000 and on removing the trees £1,500.

Nearly £3,000 was put aside into the sinking funds for replacing the courts and floodlights in the future.

The accounts are showing a deficit of £2,029.71 for the year which is similar to last year and similar to the depreciation of the courts.

However, this is not an overspend but rather a way of accounting for the reduction of the accumulated fund to reflect the fact that we have new courts. (That deficit would reduce if we had more income or spent less on the pavilion and grounds).


In sinking funds

Current and savings accounts Total cash

£5,389.50 £9,346.21 £14,735.71

Team Training and Competitions Report


Whitton Club Championship

We had a successful club championship this year with a total of 66 entries across all our competitions. On the whole, matches were played on time with only a handful of coin flips needed to decide matches. Finals day was well organised, thanks in large part to the help of the committee and everyone else who came on the day, though numbers did seem down on 2016, perhaps because of the weather or the fact it was on a Sunday. We will be looking to organise this year’s tournament soon so that we have more time to play all of the matches.

Fast 4s

Fast 4s have been a little tricky this year, not helped by the generally awful weather and the large number of people who have been injured. Due to no matches being played so far in this match period, play has been extended to 30 April, with prizes available for the winner of each group. So make sure you all keep playing! Feedback is welcome from members, if anyone has any ideas on how to improve it.

Summer matches

Men’s 1sts: We played a season of some really tough matches. By the end of the season we managed to stay in the Division with 71 points coming 4th out of 8. All home matches enjoyed a pleasant meal with a few beers in the clubhouse afterwards.

Thanks to all the players who played in the men’s 1st. We are looking forward to another enjoyable season kicking off in May.

At the end of the summer season both 1st and 2nd teams and all associated players enjoyed a curry at Jolly’s, paid for by money left over from the matches.

Men’s 2nds: A good season overall with 7 matches played and a 5th place finish out of 8 teams. We amassed 80 points and won 37 sets against 41 sets lost. I was only involved towards the end of the season, but I would like to thank all those players who played for the second team last year.

I believe we will be in a stronger place for this year’s league particularly with the weekly Men’s training being introduced. This will enable us to be more competitive. I have been appointed men’s second team captain for 2018 and would welcome any feedback from those who played for the second team last year.

Ladies: This was not our strongest year, coming near the bottom of the league 7th (out of 8), at the end of the season. We drew three matches so have the potential to win them next season as they were close contests. We enjoy playing in the league and hope there will be more members interested in playing for the team this summer.

We compete against clubs with treble the membership of Whitton, some running 2 or 3 ladies teams so we do well to take part at all.

Winter matches

After a difficult beginning in October with several injuries, we have played all the other matches ending the season 6th with only 30 points. However, we at least avoided relegation. Thanks to all the 1st team players who battled the elements. We have plans for a group curry again that will be very deserved. We’d like to thank everyone who has come out and played, particularly Alan and David Galavan, and also John who I believe has played every match. Your efforts are much appreciated!

Mixed vets

Due to the poor weather the season has not finished. Last match is being played on Sunday April 8th. We have played 4 matches and are currently bottom of the league. We have only amassed 3 points from our 4 matches. The opposition have been very strong, and Division 5 is too high for us at present given the standard of our players. If we dropped a couple of leagues I think this would be beneficial.

However, we have enjoyed this format and if we play in a lower league and start becoming competitive I believe we will enjoy our tennis more. Many thanks to those people who have represented the club this winter in the mixed vets.

Next year I would like to commence the home matches at midday if possible.

Head Coaches Report


First of all I’d like to say a big thank you to all the members of the committee that have served over the past year. Your support has been great and I really feel again this that we’re moving in the right direction. You’re all volunteers and the amount of time that you give up for the tennis club is commendable an much appreciated



2014  52 46

2015  47 59

2016  60 62

2017  76 72

2018  98 72

I am personally happy with these numbers as I had a very busy year away from work last year so to keep the numbers strong is a delight to see, I’m hoping to increase these numbers over the next 12 months

The junior coaching at the club has increased in terms of on court time and I’ll be looking to increase numbers in each of the sessions and keep the schedule the same at least until September.

There is a lot of talent in the Junior members and we are striving to make sure that they reach their potential. A special mention for Daniella Harvey who is showing phenomenal commitment and I’m sure is destined for big things in the future

This year I am planning to have a schools festival taking place at the tennis club. My aim is to have 100 kids on the courts from 3 surrounding schools, I have made contact with primary schools in the area and they have all shown an interest so I’m excited to see if we can achieve the 100 total!

Coaching is open to all members and I can offer individual and group coaching sessions. Members can contact me at any time, full details are on my personal website.

The committee is constantly looking at ways of encouraging more use of the courts and we hope to set up more competitions amongst Adults and Juniors alike that are not just competitive, but social as well.

Here’s to a successful season and rest of the year for all of us! Simon

Membership Report


Senior Membership March2017 77+4HLM = 81 " 2018 64+4HLM =68

Junior membership

72 70

As you can see we did not increase our membership this year. The junior numbers are always fluid with some leaving each year but replaced quickly now that we are known in the area for our Junior coaching, thanks to Simon.

Senior membership is down. Several new families decided they were not using the courts enough and did not renew in April ( McGhee, Gola, Kenyon Cummins, Reeves) which is the main reason for the drop.

Disappointingly our open day this year did not generate new members. Despite this, there were 17 new Senior members and 24 new Juniors.

The Family membership is popular but maybe it needs some thought on ways to encourage this group to stay.

'Play with your child only' membership is popular also but perhaps needs a review of how this membership works.

Cheers Louise

Facilities Report



I hope everyone continues to enjoy the new court surface and new nets. We are continuing to keep them free of plant debris with the Billy Goat vacuum machine. Unfortunately bird droppings require a little more effort and that will be one of the jobs on the spring spruce up.


We still have plans to incorporate the overflow carkpark into the club grounds. I have made a rough A4 Plan of the scheme for people to pursue and comment on afterwards.


Walsingham Planning have said the plans submitted from Floodlighting Ltd are unworkable in terms of obtaining council approval for a 2nd set of floodlights on court 1. I have been in conversation with Luminance Pro and have obtained a new set of drawings, which look a lot better. Luminance Pro have said that they could also be marginally improved on. This will move forward over the next month or so.

Spring Clean-up

Please put this date in your diary Sat 14th April 10AM

We have just sprung forward into Spring and daylight hours are getting longer. There are a number of tasks that I have been saving just for this day at the start of Spring.

It would be nice if as many able bodied people could meet at 10AM on Saturday April 14th, armed with a cake or some biscuits etc and possibly some gardening gloves or similar. Best clothes not an option.

Please bring tennis clothes to join in with a social afternoon of tennis to follow. There is no junior coaching scheduled for that day, so we can make as much of a nuisance of ourselves as we like.

The idea is a couple of hours work and tea/coffee/cake and then work it off with a few sets of tennis. So no need to go home and change.

I am hoping for a good turnout as many hands make light work and also create a nice buzz.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday 14th

 !BEFORE THE DRAWPayment must be made 

The deadline for entries will be Monday 4 June We will do the draw shortly after that point.

Final's day will be Saturday 8 September. In case it washes out (let's hope it doesn't!) it will be Sunday 9 September.

Please contact Owen Davis for any questions.